Our team is always striving to provide the best support to help you with any questions related to conference attendance and to make information more transparent and instantly accessible, we've started gathering most frequently asked questions on the page below.

If you can't find an answer to your question below – contact us via [email protected].


  • As a GitNation Multipass holder you have just full REMOTE access to the conference. But usually you can contact us here to upgrade your ticket and get a discount to attend the event in person.

  • Yes, you can. Simply log in to your ti.to account and re-assign the ticket to this person. Pay attention that only a ticket buyer can re-assign tickets.

  • You can easily change the name in the ticket in your ti.to account. Just log in and edit the attendee information. Pay attention that only the ticket buyer can re-assign tickets.

  • In-person participation on Day 1, remote on Day 2
    Access to venue & catering
    In-person & remote networking
    Speakers' meet & greets
    Free remote workshops
    Instant access to talk recordings
    In-person afterparty
    Remote tech discussion rooms
    Certificates on conference / workshop participation
    Physical swag package

  • Remote participation on Day 1 & 2
    Interactive video stream in HD quality
    Remote networking
    Interactive sessions with speakers
    Free remote workshops
    Instant access to talk recordings
    Remote afterparty
    Remote tech discussion rooms
    Certificates on conference / workshop participation

  • Yes, it is possible to pay via invoice. Please, send your company details to [email protected] and we will issue it for you:

    • company name;
    • company address;
    • VAT number.

    As soon as we receive the payment, we'll send you a promo-code to activate the tickets.


  • If you are a Multipass or Full ticket holder you'll get access to talk recordings immediately after the conference on the GitNation portal.

    Note, the publication of the recordings from hybrid day can take around 1 week as they require more time for post-production.

  • The recordings will be published on portal.gitnation.org and will be shared with Full ticket and Multipass holders within 3-4 weeks.

Discounts, diversity scholarship, etc.

  • Yes, there is a special price for students – please message us at [email protected], attach your student ID, and mention the conference you're interested in.

    Make sure to have your valid student ID at the entrance to the conference, you'll be asked to show it at the registration desk.


  • Free Workshops are the complementary part of Full Tickets (Remote Full ticket and Hybrid Ticket). They will be run remotely via Zoom. All Full Ticket holders will get an email with a code to register to these workshops. The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

    As per Pro Workshops, they are not included in Full tickets and should be bought separately. Pay attention that some Pro Workshops are held in-person in New York, and some – remotely via Zoom.

  • 2-3 days before the workshop you’ll get an email with all the instructions: how to connect to the remote workshop, what to install in advance, etc.

  • Free workshops are shorter (3-4h) are included in the full ticket (either hybrid or full one), PRO workshops are full day workshops and are not included and should be purchased separately.

    As compared to Free one, Pro workshops will include:

    More specific professional topics
    Small-sized groups for maximum individual reach
    A focus on practical exercises, so you'll learn by doing


  • We use Discord and Spatial.chat for networking - you will get all details in the org email before the event.

  • For Remote participants, there will be a remote game organized by us! Join if you want to get to know other attendees and speakers better! It's super fun!

    For In-Person attendees, we'll have a classic party with games, music, drinks, food, and lots of fun!

  • There will be a 10-15 minutes session right after each talk.

    On hybrid days of the events after Q&A there will be hybrid speaker rooms where both in-person and remote audience can communicate with the speakers.

  • Day 1 (In-person): 7:30am ET - registration starts, 4:30pm ET - the last talk ends
    Day 1 (Remote): 9:30am ET / 3:30pm CET - conference starts

    Day 2 (Remote): 10:00am ET / 4:00pm CET - conference starts

  • Yes, there are different talks on both days. Also, talks in tracks are also different.

    In case you have a full ticket, you have access to both tracks on both days. For sure, it'll be difficult to follow two talks at the same time, that's why we're recording them so that after the conference you can rewatch those talks that you've missed.

What to do if the stream or Spatial.chat or Discord channel don’t work?

  • Please contact us via #troubleshooting channel on Discord. The link to join Discord will be sent by email and will be on the website on the days of the livestream.

Technical questions

  • Please, take your charger with you, there will be plenty of spaces to charge your devices. Please be aware of the applicable type of sockets and get adapters (if necessary).


  • Yes, of course! We’d be happy if you become our info-partner. Please, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with all the information.

Food & Beverage

  • Yes, there will be breakfast, hot lunch, and coffee breaks.

    There will be vegan, gluten-free & lactose-free dishes.

  • Yes, we have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food for the conference. If you have an allergy that is not included in the above options, please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected].

Venue (for hybrid ticket holders)

  • Liberty Science Center has complimentary parking onsite at the facility, which can accommodate around 700 cars.